PAR Laboratories, Inc.                      
"Real Help Beyond the Results"

Company Profile



PAR Laboratories, Inc. is a privately held corporation with a rich history of excellence in applying technology and scientific knowledge to serve our clients' specific needs.


Since 1974, PAR Labs has set the standard for, and remains committed to, delivering the highest quality, most cost-effective laboratory analyses possible. In this competitive field where labs come and go, PAR Labs has maintained a pattern of steady growth. We have accomplished this by continuing our commitment to quality, while maximizing our human resources, scientific instrumentation, and financial capital.



In the eyes of our clients, we want to be seen not only as responsible scientists and professionals, but also as strategic business partners assisting you in targeting and achieving your goals. This is achieved by combining laboratory analysis, information services, and scientific consulting.

We routinely assist our clients in these activities and others, such as designing sampling plans and the implementation of testing programs. We want to provide you with the tools to meet the demands and responsibilities of your business and the ever-changing regulatory environment.



Although PAR Labs has made significant investments in facilities and technology, our most important investment has been in personnel. We have assembled a highly trained staff of dedicated employees with a variety of analytical skills.

We have continually provided a safe, comfortable workplace, which promotes and encourages our long-range vision of growth and stability. Our staff is extensively trained to provide high quality analyses, personalized service, and fast turn-around time.

PAR Labs employees also maintain close communication with federal and state regulatory agencies to keep up with changing regulatory requirements. Each member of our family of employees is actively committed to our clients' complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, the experience of our staff, and the integrity of the results we produce.



PAR Labs is committed to providing the highest quality analytical data and strictly adheres to Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) Procedures. These procedures govern all activities from sample receipt through data packaging.

Our quality control begins with meticulous sample tracking, consisting of a chain of custody (COC) form supported by our custom Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Upon receipt of samples, they are entered into our LIMS and assigned a permanent reference number.

Samples are then sent to their particular lab section for analyses. Each analysis has its own specific Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to guarantee quality and consistency of results.

After analysis, sample results are entered into the LIMS. All results are then reviewed and verified to guarantee measurement results that are scientifically sound and well within the limits specified by relevant protocol.

After reporting, all data is archived for easy reference and retrieval. These QA/QC procedures, which are available for client review, ensure the correct identification, integrity, and analytical results of each sample received by our laboratory.

PAR Labs is accredited and certified, and has successfully completed annual audits and inspections by USEPA and State Auditors. Our size and technology allow us to provide this high level of quality and still offer a superior turn-around time of 5 working days for most analyses.



Our prices are designed to be fair to our clients. We choose not to compete with the "bargain" labs, which cut corners on quality, just to get your business. PAR Labs operates on a zero debt basis that gives us tremendous stability while offering flexibility in pricing. We don't have the huge debt overhead that has caused so many labs to fall by the wayside. The price of our services includes much more than providing "numbers" on a report, it includes a relationship.



We recognize that it is our clients that have made our company what it is today, and we are grateful for their loyalty. We would like the opportunity to be your lab of choice. It is our goal at PAR Labs to completely satisfy the needs our clients.

We believe that meeting and exceeding your expectations for laboratory services means ensuring you have easy access to facilitators and decision-makers. That is why every client of our laboratory is dealt with on a personal and individual basis.

In addition to providing quality results in a timely fashion at reasonable rates, we believe it is crucial to develop relationships which go beyond the results. We are committed to knowing our clients by name and encourage face-to-face contact to ensure that we are meeting their needs.

PAR Labs is open to our clients anytime you wish to come by. Whether you would like to review our QA/QC data; watch as we analyze your samples; or simply visit, we welcome the opportunity to spend time with our clients. Everyone on our staff is available to answer any question our clients may have. Our reputation depends on helping you solve your problems.


Email:   Phone:  (888) 588-8330